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Every single journey starts with the First Step....

You have likely arrived at my website because something feels wrong. It could be a problem concerning your personal life, home life or your working environment and as a result your mind is troubled and your health is suffering. You may feel lonely, helpless or even hopeless. But by having the courage to take this first step - seeking counselling or therapy, relationship counselling or treatment for a worry that is beginning to rule your life - you can make all the difference.

"Movement from your present position to a
sense of wellbeing is the aim."

When you feel at your bleakest moment, and perhaps the most like doing nothing, that is when you most need to do something. Eventually, no matter which course you take, you will need to find the strength to help yourself. And that is where I come in.

When you make contact we can have an initial conversation where I ask you to outline your concerns to me, and I can have the opportunity to answer any questions and concerns that you may have. If you are happy after our initial conversation to go ahead and arrange an appointment, that will be our next step.

Taking the first step is never easy, in fact it requires courage at a time when you may be feeling anything but courageous, but therapy or counselling can help you to deal with the issues that are making you unhappy, or simply to accept who you are and the things that cannot always be changed.

Concerns People Bring Can Include:

  • Depression - a sense of isolation and hopelessness
  • A lack of confidence and self-worth
  • Trauma - Adulthood or childhood
  • Sexual abuse or emotional abuse
  • Loss - of a partner, friend or job
  • Lack of motivation and not wanting to take part in life

What Benefits Can Be Expected

  • Learn to care about yourself more with a greater sense of self-worth
  • Learn changes to make to unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • More confidence that is real and not just an act
  • A deeper capacity to love others
  • A new aliveness you had not had previously experianced
  • A sense of closure, the end of one period of life and looking ahead to the next chapter with hope

    If you feel the time is right for you,
    then please don't hesitate to contact me on
    07957 161908 or
    Click here to email me

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